Hispanic Ministries



Escuela Dominial – 10:00am

Predica y Adoration – 11:00am


Estudios Biblicos – 7:00pm

Contacto: Pastor Rivas 206-775-1590; 703-424-6738; rivascalvary@yahoo.es

Pastor Jesus and his wife, Carmelina, partner with Calvary Baptist to reach nearly six thousand Hispanics who live within a two-mile radius of the church. Since they began ministry at the beginning of last year, they have established worship services on Sunday and are leading Bible studies in Tacoma and two other cities. The first baptisms were held in December. Pray that people will be receptive to the sharing of the Gospel.

To find out more, visit www.calvarytacoma.org and www.hispanicsforchrist.org.



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