Transitional Leadership and Governance Guiding Document


Tacoma, Washington

Adopted on _________, _____, _________

We, the members of Calvary Baptist Church (CBC), establish this guiding document for our church during a two-year transitional period from January 2011 to December 2012, unless a newly revised Constitution and By-laws are adopted by the membership at an earlier date.


1.1          Becoming a member of CBC or removal from the membership rolls of CBC shall be determined by the existing Constitution.

1.2         Decision-Making Privileges of Members

Active Members of the church who attend the worship services on a regular basis and who support the church through their giving, attendance and prayers are eligible to vote.

Decisions on the following will be decided by a vote* of the members present after a recommendation of the Transitional Leadership Team:

  • election of Transitional Leadership Team members;
  • the calling or release of the Senior Pastor;
  • approval of the annual church budget;
  • the acquisition or sale of real property and related indebtedness;
  • admission into membership of new church members
  • approval of the Church Constitution and By-Laws

Other issues may be brought by the Transitional Leadership Team for a vote by the membership when deemed desirable for the purposes of unity.

*Current constitution sets the percentage of votes necessary for each area.

1.3         Congregational Meetings

Members shall gather for congregational business meetings in an annual meeting in January and for other business or informational meetings as called when needed by the Transitional Leadership Team, the Senior Pastor or by petition. All membership meetings shall be advertised to the church at least 2 weeks in advance.


2.1             Philosophy of Governance

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values guide Calvary Baptist Church. The governance structure and systems follow these principles:

  • Effective and efficient decision-making is vital to ministry health and growth
  • An accountability model provides the best environment for effective ministries.
  • Leaders will be accountable to a specific leader who will mentor, encourage, equip, evaluate, and provide feedback on their effectiveness.
  • Leaders are accountable for goals, objectives, recruitment and selection of workers, and outcomes of their respective ministry or area of responsibility.
  • Structure serves ministry and people.
  • Structure must balance simplicity, flexibility and stability in order to facilitate growth.
  • Leaders are selected on the basis of Biblical criteria.
  • The Transitional Leadership Team has the authority and responsibility to develop policy.
  • The Transitional Leadership Team is accountable to the congregation.
  • The Senior Pastor is accountable to the congregation through the Transitional

Leadership Team for recruiting, selecting, equipping and empowering ministry team leaders and overseeing their ministries.

  • The Senior Pastor has a unique role as the shepherd of the congregation with responsibility for preaching, teaching, and guiding all ministries.
  • Members’ understanding and support of church leadership is essential to the governance process.

2.2 Transitional Leadership Team

Membership: The Transitional Leadership Team shall consist of seven (7) leaders and the Senior Pastor. Both the Team members and the Senior Pastor are accountable to the congregation.  The Transitional Leadership Team shall be elected for a two-year term from the membership.  In light of transition and also for continuity’s sake, the current Deacon team will be nominated to serve for the transitional term.

The Transitional Leadership Team shall be self-organizing.  It shall prayerfully select from its members a Chairperson who will also serve as Church Moderator.

The Transitional Leadership Team shall establish church policies clearly.

Transitional Leadership Team and Pastor Search – The Transitional Leadership Team also plays a key role in selection of the senior pastor. It is also responsible for providing the support the senior pastor needs to minister effectively, and for conducting an annual evaluation of the senior pastor’s service.


The following Support Ministries are vital to the health of Calvary Baptist Church.

3.1     Financial Ministry Team – consisting of the Church Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Stewardship Chairperson who will be appointed by the Transitional Leadership Team.

3.2     Trustee Ministry Team – Chairperson only to be appointed by the Transitional Leadership Team.

Each Support Ministry team will carry out their duties as set forth in the current Constitution.