Sermon on Sunday March 2, 2014 by Pastor Thomas Tate

(sorry, no recorded sermon this week, click ‘Read more…‘ to see Bible Study Questions)

Bible Study Questions

“Can You Hear Me Now?” – Jesus

 John 20:2-18

1.  Who is the best cell phone provider? How has cell phones changed our lives?  Good? Bad? How is cell phone reception/signals like hearing from God?


2.  Read Luke 24:10-12a.  How did the disciples respond to the news that Jesus’ tomb was empty? Why do you think they responded this way since Jesus had given His word that He would raise again? What in God’s word do many Christians have trouble accepting? How does rationalizing God’s word affect our walk? What do you have a hard time believing in God’s Word?


3.  Read John 20:4-6. Who ran faster to the tomb? Who was bolder and entered first? Why does it seem that those who come to Jesus “slower”, later in life are often more bold/outspoken about their faith in Jesus?


4.  Read John 20:8. What affect did Peter’s boldness have on the other disciple (John)?  How can our boldness affect other in our homes, churches, work, community…?  What is keeping you from being bolder?


5.  Read John 20:11-13.  Why was Mary weeping/sad? How does our lack of faith and understanding affect our mood?  What messes or sadness in our lives is caused by not living on God’s promises (i.e. marriage, finances, worry…)?


6.  Read John 20:14-15. How does Jesus respond to Mary’s weeping?  What do you think Jesus might say to us about our weeping/worrying?  Why doesn’t Mary recognize Him?  What keep us from recognizing Jesus working or speaking into our lives?


7.   Read John 20:16.  What does Jesus say/do that finally opens Mary’s ears/heart to Him?  Do you remember a time when you clearly heard God’s voice calling you?  What is the difference between religion and a relationship with God? Where are you at, are you treating your faith like a religion or a relationship? Explain?