Sermon on Sunday September 29, 2013 by Rev. Rick Weber, NAB Northwest Regional Minister


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Sermon-based Bible Studay Questions

1.  What has been the best or worse year of your life so far? Why?


2.  Paul was arrested in Jerusalem in Acts 21.  The next 7 chapters record a series of events. Based upon what you read in these chapters what do you see that could be classified as “the worst of times” for Paul?


3.  Now look at these chapters again.  What do you see that could be classified as “the best of times” for Paul?


4.  How does the world (and many of us) describe “the worst of times”? The “best of times”?


5.  How is the world’s view/description in conflict with a biblical view of “the worst of times” and “the best of times”?


6.  Reflect on your own “worst” and “best” of times.   Based upon your reflection,  share a time when did experienced significant spiritual growth?


7.  After looking at Acts 28 and the preceding chapters how you will view the “best” or “worst” events that come your way?


8.  How can this group pray for you this week?