Sunday Sermon on May 6, 2012 by Pastor Thomas Tate


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John 7:19-36

1. Why do you think that the Holy Spirit is so little spoken about or wrote about compared to the Father and the Son?  Why is the Holy Spirit controversial to some people?

2. Read John 7:37-39. From where would the river of living water flow from?  What or who was Jesus really speaking about?

3. Read John 16:113-4. What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit as stated in verse 14? How will the Holy Spirit accomplish this (13-14)?

4. Read Ephesians 5:18. What is being filled with the Holy Spirit compared to?  Why do you think that Paul used this comparison? What controls a person when they are really drunk? What influences their decisions greatly?  How does this relate to the Holy Spirit? The word “filled” means to be continually filled, like a pitcher left under running water. When was the last time you felt that your life was “filled” with the Holy Spirit and under His influence? Share what that is like?

5. Read Mark 1:12. What impelled or drove Jesus into the wilderness? In Acts 8:29 who told ) Philip to go and share the Gospel with the Ethiopian, which lead to his salvation?  Read Romans 8:14. Who are the sons of God? What does it look like in your life to be led by the Holy Spirit?

6. Read Romans 7:6.  What have we been released from? Have you died to the law (laws of Moses)? What is the result of being released and having died to the law? How do we serve now according to this verse?  Do you find yourself being legalistic sometimes? How many have been turned away from Christ by legalistic judgmental people? What does it look like to serve in the newness of the Spirit?

7. Read Acts 7:51.  How did Stephen describe those that resisted the Holy Spirit? Read Ephesians 4:30. How do we resist and grieve the Holy Spirit today? How can you open yourself to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit?