Sunday Sermon on April 8, 2012 by Pastor Thomas Tate


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1. What was Easter like with your family when you were growing up? What kind of traditions did you have? Did you go to church?

2. Read John 1:1,2,9-11.  Discuss the impact that it has on you when you think of what Jesus left in heaven to come to earth? What do you think it was like for Him?

3. Read Acts 2:22-24.  It says that it was God’s predetermined plan that Jesus would come and be nailed to the cross, how does that impact you?  If you knew someone you were about to meet was going to cause you serious harm if you met them would you meet them or avoid them?  What does this say about Jesus’ love towards us?

4. Read Colossians 2:13-14. How many of our sins did Jesus pay for?  Are there any sins that are too big that Jesus can’t pay for them?  Why do some people think there is?  How would you feel if someone paid your house or car or any major debt off for you?  Think of how many sins you alone Jesus had to pay for, what number would you put on it? How much more thankful should we be for Jesus?

5. Is it possible to be a Christian and believe in all the good of Jesus and the cross but not in His literal resurrection?  Read 1 Corinthians 15:15-17,20.  What are we called if Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead? What would that mean to us if He wasn’t? Since He was what does that say about those who say He wasn’t?

6. Read John 11:25-26.  Do you believe?  Do you remember how you felt about your eternal life before you believed?  How did it feel to think you had to earn your way to heaven?  Do you still remember how it felt when you first believed?