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John 6:48-71

1. Read John 6:48-51.  The Jews were challenging Jesus to do something as great as the manna Moses provided.  What does Jesus say is greater about Him (the bread) verses the manna?  Why do we struggle focusing so much on the physical instead of the spiritual? (Example: we make sure we eat 2 to 4 times a day but struggle to read His word and pray daily) Read Luke 9:23-25 and discuss.

2. Are you satisfied in your soul with your work for God or is there a sense of incompleteness?  Read Matthew 6:31-34.

3. Read John 6:52-58.  What does the old saying, “You are what you eat” mean?  Since we are to take Jesus into our bodies (be consumed with him) how should that reflect in our lives?

4. Read Galatians 2:20.  In what ways did Paul’s life reflect a life that was no longer living for himself but Christ?  The end of the verse explains why Paul lives this way, what is it?  Share some ways that you have been crucified to self and live for Christ?  How would you feel if you gave up a kidney to help a loved one live and then they turned around and used it to be a drunk and waste their life?  How does this relate to this verse?

5. Read John 6:59-66.  How does verse :60 describe their reaction to His teachings and who were they?  What was the result as told in verse :66?  What are some things that are taught in the Bible that cause people to walk away?  Have you ever had a teaching of the Bible that was hard for you (example: non-believers going to hell)?

6. Read John 6:67.  What was Jesus response when the crowd left Him?  Are you surprised that He didn’t try to stop these disciples and explain Himself better to keep them?  How can this be applied today in the church and our lives?

7. Read Matthew 6:24; Luke 9:23; Matthew 10:38.  What kind of dramatic change do these verses call for?  How are these verses that could cause someone to walk away?