Sunday Sermon on March 4, 2012 by Pastor Thomas Tate


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John 6:13-15

1. What is your prayer life like: Great/Good/Fair/Could be better/What prayer life?  When do you normally pray?  Do struggle about what to say or pray about?

2. Read Matthew 14:21-23; Luke 5:16.  Why do you think Jesus prayed so much?  If Jesus, the LORD, prayed so much how much more do you think we need to pray?  So Why do you think so many Christians struggle having a powerful and consistent prayer life?

3. Read John 14:12-14. Why does Jesus instruct us to pray in His name?  In this passage Jesus says He will answer our prayers based on the requirements of verse 12 (the “And” in verse 13 connects them).  What are these things that we need to have for Jesus to answer?  Read Psalm 66:18; Proverbs 1:28.  Does God hear and answer all prayers based on these verses?  How does this affect how you think about prayers?

4. Read Luke 22:41-44.  What does Jesus ask the Father here and how does it describe His emotional state while praying?  Why would Jesus ask this? Why do you think He was so emotional? What do you think about His honesty and vulnerability?  Read Psalm 13.  How do you feel about the honesty of these prayers? How could you be more honest about what you say to God? Could you imagine saying what David says in Psalm 13?

5. Read 2 Chronicles 20:20-23.  How does prayer show our dependence on the Lord?  Do you often pray and forget about what you prayed for later in the same day?  Do you look for the answer to your prayers through out the day?

6. Read Mark 11:17a.  What is the house of God to be know for?  How important do you think prayer is for the success of our church?  What kind of commitment can you make to pray for the church succeeding in fulfilling God’s purpose, reaching the lost and making disciples?

7. Read Luke 9:28.  How do you feel about praying with others? Why is it hard for some to pray out loud?