Sunday Sermon on March 18, 2012 by Pastor Thomas Tate


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1. What are some reasons that non-believers come and check out a church?  What first brought you to church?  Read John 6:25-26. Why did Jesus say that they came seeking Him?  What do you think about how Jesus talked to them? How does this relate to John 20:30-31?

2. Jesus corrects them, read John 6:27. They were seeking Jesus for physical needs but what did Jesus say they should be seeking or working for?  How much of our prayers our seeking to do works for God verses God doing works for us (be honest)?

3. Read John 6:33-35.  Who is the bread of life and what is promised to those who come to Him to be fed?  How is what He says similar to what He said to the woman at the well? Do you find yourself not satisfied with your life in any area?  Why? If Jesus’ promise is true (it is) were does the problem lie?

4. Read John 6:28. What was their confusion? Why do so many rely on good works to get to heaven? What is the advantage of a works based salvation? Did you realize that true Christianity is the only “religion” that is not works based?

5. Read John 6:29. What was Jesus’ correction? What is required for salvation? Does your life reflect the life of a believer? If it was against the law to be a Christian what is the evidence that would convict you? Is it enough to be beyond reasonable doubt?

6. Read John 6:3031. What did they want to see before they would believe? What miracle had they already seen?  What miracles have you seen recently that you could share with others to help them believe?

7. Read John 6:36. What did Jesus accuse them of?  Even though they met Jesus, ate with Him, saw His miracle, heard Him preach and followed after Him they were not saved.  Read Matthew 7:21-23.  What do you think this means?  Ask yourself, do I know the Lord and more importantly does He know me?