Sunday Sermon on February 26, 2012 by Pastor Thomas Tate


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John 6:1-14

1. When was the last time you have taken a leap of faith?

2. Read John 6:4-6.  What does it say the purpose for Jesus’ question about where to get food was?  What do you think of the fact that the Lord tests our faith?  Why do you think He does this?  When is a time you feel you were tested?  What was the result whether you passed or failed (we all fail sometimes)?

3. In 2 Corinthians 13:5 Paul tells us to test ourselves to see if we are really of the faith (saved).  How do you know if you are truly saved? (Clue: what is your faith in and have you been born again). Can you go to church all your life and not be saved?

4. Read Deuteronomy 8:1-3.  What was the purpose of the wilderness? What do you make of the statement in Deuteronomy 8:2 that the Lord tested them to found out what was in their hearts? Is a “wilderness” (desert) considered something desirable to be in?  What wilderness have you been through or going through? Can you see that God used this to found out what is in your heart?  What happened to the first generation of God’s people under Moses when they failed the test?  How could this relate to continued problems in your life?

5. Read Genesis 22:1-2 and Ephesians 6:4.  How are we tested today with our children?  Why do you think so many parents are trying to be their children’s friends over being their parent?

6. In John 6:1-14 Jesus challenges the disciples to trust in Him for provisions. Read Malachi 3:8-11.  Who are we robbing when we don’t give our tithes (10% of what we receive) to the church, the church or God? Do you give what you can afford or tithe? Do you vote with your money or give unto the Lord? How does God test us and when does He bless us?

7. The Christian life should be an exciting on the edge life if we live by faith daily? We should be ready with great stories of God’s faithfulness? Why do so many Christians live a boring life?