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John 5:1-17

1. What insight, principle, or observation from this weekend’s message did you find to be most helpful or eye opening?  Explain.

2. Have you ever known someone who seems to have something wrong all the time and you wonder if they do it for attention? You wonder if they really want to get well or just like to complain?

3. Read John 5:5-6.  Isn’t it an odd question to ask a sick man? Read John 5:7. How does the man answer? Why do you think he answers this way instead of with a “yes”?  Does he show any signs of faith? Read John 5:12-13. Did this man even know Jesus name? How does this healing differ from the last healing in John 4:46-50? What are the contrasting differences between this man and the royal official?

4. If Jesus wouldn’t perform miracles in Jerusalem due to their lack of faith why would he heal this man who showed no faith? Have you ever wondered why God allows what seems to be a good thing to happen to non believers? How does it make you feel?

5. Read John 5:14. What does Jesus warn this man about his sins?  How are some of people’s problems in life connected to their sin (whether health or relational problems)?  Name some problems that are connected to our choice of sin.

6. What are some areas of your life or others that could be healed if we wanted them to be by just being in God’s Word, prayer and living it out? Why aren’t we willing to do what it takes to be healed spiritually?

7. In John 5:15 and 16 we see that all this happened so that the beginning plot to kill Jesus would be initiated so Jesus could eventually die for our sins.  God’s will is sometimes right in front of us but so hard to spot.  What bad things might be happening to bring about God’s will in your lives? What bad things our happening to bring about the end times? Does this bring you comfort knowing that God is even in control of the bad stuff to bring the good?