Sermon by Pastor Thomas on June 5, 2011


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Sermon-based Bible Study Questions

John 1:14-18

1. What insight, principle, or observation from this weekend’s message did you find to be most helpful or eye opening?  Explain.

2. When you hear the word GRACE what comes to mind, what is your definition?  When you hear the word TRUTH what comes to mind, what is your definition?

3. Which do you tend to be more concerned with: Truth or Grace?  What are some of the negatives of being too one sided on these two attributes?

4. Read John 1:14-15.  Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins and John was about 6 months older.  If John was older than Jesus why did he say what he said in verse 15?

5. Read John 1:16-17 & Romans 5:20.  What is the purpose of the Law (God’s commandments [Rom. 3:20])? How does  knowing God’s grace is always greater than our sin make you want to respond?  To sin more  or less? Why?

6. In Sunday’s sermon we heard many examples of Jesus dealing with people in sin: The woman at the well, The adulteress, Peter’s denial… How did He balance truth and grace?

7. Jesus was perfectly balanced in grace and truth (John 1:14; full= perfect).  Do you know of some churches that are gracious but  lacking in truth and what is the result of that?  Do you know of some churches that are strong in truth but lacking in grace and what is the   result of that?  Where would you say CBC is on that scale?  Where  would you say you’re on that scale of truth and grace?

8. Is there someone in your life that you haven’t forgiven?